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June 7, 2010

Well, my site and essay have been submitted, so for me semester 1 is complete!

If anyone wants to, please check out my site.

It came out about equal to my expectations, with some pros, some cons. Overall I’m satisfied with it & have achieved what I set out to do.

Anyhow, in the words of Thurston Moore, “Take it sleazy”- hope you all have a productive and fun break (students and tutors alike).


Private Copying Levy

June 2, 2010

Something we know very little of in Australia as we don’t have one.In research for another subject I was suprised to find that in the late 80’s, as a reaction to the cassette boom, Australia, Europe, Canada & USA all passed private copying levies. UK were about to but backflipped at the last minute, while Australia passed a levy but then scrubbed the last only months later in the Australian Tape Manufacturers Association Ltd v Commonwealth case.

Europe & Canada have managed to keep theirs in place and have updated it so people now pay levies on computers, CDRs, external hard drives, usb drives, blank cassettes and other items which are collected by the regional APRA equivalents and distributed among artists.

Would be too little too late for us to follow their lead now really, interesting nonetheless.

Check out further details at the WIKI.

Sony Design Classics – The Walkman

June 1, 2010

Check out this old BBC documentary on the Sony Walkman. Some great discussion on it’s marketing & design as well as it’s massive impact on music, society and the individual. In fact, T3 magazine recently declared it the most important music technology innovation of the last 50 years.

Sorry but they have disabled embedding on the youtube links. Check out parts one, two and three.