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I just read through Andy Thom’s article ‘Designing for Sound’. A good read, check it out if you haven’t already here.


Some key ideas that stuck with me in relation to our web project were:


*  To consider the audio of the project in the initial design / plans as well as during the execution – not just after.

* “Starving the eye will inevitably bring the ear, and therefore the imagination, more into play.”

* Though it wasn’t directly mentioned, the information presented made me think about using sound to pre-empt things on a website. i.e. to delay the loading of an image or page & bring in some sound first, to have the user guessing & beginning to imagine what is coming before it does. This could also be done achieved by playing the sound from the linked event when the user hovers on the link, not only as a preview, but as a initial contextualization of the forthcoming linked event.



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