In the Beginning

I’m not entirely decided upon a concept for this space / project.

For now I would like to use it as a documentation of my influences & in turn a curated collection of potential inspiration for interpretation into others creative pursuits. I would like to bring my own appropriation & application into the this, but as I said – still undecided on an exact plan.

My primary creative influence is film. When I find something really inspiring I like to mute the sound & see what sounds start coming in to my head as i watch. At times I’ll even loop film scenes on my second monitor while writing music.

Today I’ll give some examples & keep them around a theme – ‘Fairlight’.

Fairlight were an Australian company who shot to fame after they developed one of the worlds first samplers, the fairlight CMI (1979). A few years later they released something entirely different, the Fairlight CVI (Computer Video Instrument) –¬† a video synthesizer if you will. This is what it looked like:

The first memory I have of noticing them was when looking back at David Cronenberg’s 1983 film ‘Videodrome’, but I couldn’t find the scenes online so here’s some various imagery in which the Fairlight was used. The effects are gritty & organic rather than todays polished CGI, much like the sounds created by a analog synthesizer compared to that of a modern soft synthesizer. I don’t want to over-analyze why I like it so much, but I do.


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